Information and Instructions for Students

Updated 08/14/2013

How does the Wilson College Printing Authentication system work?
You will prepare you documents as you normally would.
The only thing that changes is the appearance of some dialog boxes, prompting you for your credentials, before the document is released to the printer.

1. A few seconds after submitting your print job, a dialog box will pop up prompting you for your Wilson College username and password.
(This is the same as your E-Mail username and password.)

2. Once you have submitted your credentials, your current account balance will be displayed, along with the cost of the print job submitted.

3. Click on "Print" to confirm your job, and release it to the printer. Your job will print normally provided you have a sufficient balance. If you have insifficient credit, the print job is cancelled, and a pop-up appears, stating insufficient funds and displaying your current balance.

What if I don't have or don't know my Username and Password?
Please contact the Office of Information Technology by Telephone at (717)262-2014 where the staff will be able to provide you with your credentials.

How will the account system work?
Each student at Wilson College will be given a printing "account" that has a starting balance of $20.00. At the beginning of the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester, your printing account balance will be zeroed out, and reset to $20.00.
Account blalnces will not "roll over".

How much does it cost to print?
Each printed page costs 3 cents for a Black & White print, and 12 cents for a color print. If both sides of the page are printed on, as with a duplex job, it is counted as two printed pages. The $20.00 that Wilson College credits your account will allow you to print up to 666 pages in Black & White, or up to 166 pages in color, or any combination in between.

How can I add funds to my account?
If you depete the balance of your printing account prior to the beginning of the next semester, you can bring additional funds (cash only) to the Library, during the hours listed below, where Staff can add the funds to your account.
During the Semester: Monday-Thursday - 8:00AM-9:00PM
Over Break and during the Summer: Monday-Thursday - 8:00AM-4:00PM

Do I have to pay for defective prints?
No, you do not.
Please keep any defective prints (e.g. those with poor print quality, streaks, lines, etc.) and bring them to either the IT Office (located in the basement of Edgar Hall) or the Library, where Staff can refund the costs to your account.

Printing "mistakes" are not considered "defective" prints, and will not be subject to a refund.

Additionally, if the printer that you are using is producing poor quality documents, please turn off the printer and place an "Out Of Order" sign on it to inform others that it requires service, and inform the IT Staff by submitting an IT Service Request so that we can remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Service requests can be submitted online by pointing your web browser to:

What alternatives do I have to printing?
Responsible printing means printing only what you need.

  • Do you need a hard copy or will an electronic copy suffice?
    • Consider e-mailing yourself documents of interest, or save them to a USB memory stick.
    • (Donít forget to take your memory stick when you have finished working on a computer.)
  • Proofread your work on-screen, as opposed to printing draft copies for that purpose.
  • Select only the pages you wish to print, instead of printing the whole document. (See example below)

Where can I print in color?
Wilson College will now have two Solid Ink Color Printers available for student use in the following locations:

  • In the 24/7 Computer Lab in Sarah's Coffeehouse.
  • In the Computer Lab located in Warfield Hall, Room 111.
The printers in these locations are set to print in Black & White by default to lower printing costs.

How do I print in color?
To print a document in color, please follow these steps:
1. From the "Print" window, click "Printer Properties".

2. Click the "Color Options" tab.

3. Click the "Color" radio button.

4. Click "OK".