Information and Instructions for Staff and Faculty

Updated 01/05/2017
Current Print and Copy costs are as follows:
Black & White Only Laser Devices:
$0.02 per side/page for Black & White Copies/Prints
Color Laser Devices:
$0.02 per side/page for Black & White Copies/Prints
$0.30 per side/page for Color Copies/Prints

To allow printing to these devices, and to increase accuracy with billing and accounting for Printing and Copying services, we will be using a software package called Xerox Standard Accounting. It will track Copying as well as Printing for each employee. To implement it, we must switch to new "Individual" Print/Copy codes and discontinue the use of previous "Departmental" codes. Your new, 6-digit Print/Copy code is being distributed to you through your campus P.O. Box.

Student Printing and Copying will be tracked through a seperate software package called "Pcounter". All of the Wilson College Computer Labs will now have the Pcounter software installed to track and authenticate Student printing. Your Xerox Copy/Print code is incompatible with the Pcounter software. This means that Staff and Faculty will be unable to print in the Computer Labs.

Using your new Copy/Print code:

For copying functions, you will enter your code at the copier in the same fashion that you are used to.
For printing, when you send a print job to one of these Xerox devices, you will now be presented with a pop-up box prompting you to enter a "User ID". You will need to enter your new Copy/Print code once in this location. The "Account Type:" field should be left at its default setting of "Default Group Account", and the "Account ID:" field should be greyed out or empty.

Your computer will "remember" the code that you entered so you won't need to enter it each time you print.

If you have multiple codes for different departments, you will need to delete the previously "remembered" code and enter the correct one for the current print job.

If you are having problems with your printer, please inform the Helpdesk Staff by submitting a Service Request so that we can remedy the problem as quickly as possible.
Service requests can be submitted online by pointing your web browser to: